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Websites that offer information on Prenatal Teting:

Alpha-Fetal Protein Test (AFP):

About.com - AFP (Information)
Americanpregnancy.org - AFP (Information)
eHeallth MD - Prenatal Testing (Information)


Family Doctor.org - Amnio (Information)
WebMD.com - Amnio (Information)
Americanpregnancy.org - Amnio (Information)
Babycenter.com - Amnio (Information)

Chorionic Villus Sampling (CVS):

Americanpregnancy.org - CVS (Information)
HON Foundation - (Description and Information)
Family Doctor.org - CVS vs. Amnio (Information)
MedicineNet.com - CVS (Information)
Parents.com - CVS (Information)
Penn Medicine - CVS (Definition & Information)
Penn Medicine - CVS (Diagram & Information)

Nuchal Translucency Scan:

Fetalmedicine.com - NTS (Information)
Birthsource.com - NTS (Information)
Obgynscan.com - First Trimester Screening (Information)
Babycenter.com - NTS (Information)